Food & Wine

Wines and Culture of the Caucasus Countries and the Eastern Mediterranean

This course will follow the progression of wine from it's origins some 6000 to 8000 years ago in Armenia and Georgia to the eastern Mediterranean countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Greece. A focus will placed on indigenous grape varieties and their resulting wines. Geography , climate and culture will be discussed. A previous wine appreciation course is highly recommended.

Course Title Instructor Date(s) Schedule Fee
Wines and Culture of the Caucasus Countries and the Eastern Mediterranean Michael Botwin 7/10/19 - 7/31/19 Wednesdays
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

California Wine Appreciation

Learn to be a wine connoisseur. Do you know the difference between a Merlot and a Cabernet? This course provides basic knowledge and experience in taste discrimination of a variety of Central Coast and other California wines. Learn the sensory evaluation of various components in wine as well as the varietal characteristics of wine produced on the Central Coast and in other parts of California.

Course Title Instructor Date(s) Schedule Fee Enrollment Deadline
California Wine Appreciation Michael Botwin 4/3/19 - 5/1/19 Wednesdays
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
$235 3/18/19

European Wine Appreciation

Learn how geography and climate influence wine from various regions across Europe. We will be focusing on French wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone and Southern France plus Loire, Alsace and Champagne. We will also be covering Italian and Spanish wines. Learn how to read and interpret European wine labels and discover what sets European wines apart from those in California. You should have taken the California Wine Appreciation or another basic wine appreciation course prior to taking this course. Bring three glasses to each class. Minimum age: 21 years old, must bring photo identification to each class session.

Course Title Instructor Date(s) Schedule Fee Enrollment Deadline
European Wine Appreciation Michael Botwin 2/13/19 - 3/20/19 Wednesday $275 1/30/19

Ayurvedic Eating: A Seasonal Conversation Over Food

In this 3 hour course, we will explore how food impacts our well being. Using the Ayurvedic Principles of the 6 Tastes, we will learn how spices in a meal affect digestion and flavor.

Together we will learn about the palate through the Ayurvedic Lens. This includes a deep discussion of the 6 flavors of life. We will sample each flavor and discuss how too much or too little flavor impacts health and diet in general. We will then eat and drink a simple lunch fit for the season and speak about how the meal has been adjusted to support the qualities present in these months.

The combination of this experience, along with discussion, will illuminate how we can review and change our food choices (from diet, to time of day, to spices, and food groups) during other months of the year and stages in our lives. The workshop will be hands on. You will be provided a handout and recipe preparation. There will be plenty of time as well for questions.

Course Title Instructor Date(s) Schedule Fee Enroll Online
Ayurvedic Eating Sera Melini 04/27/2019 Saturday
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
$149 Enroll Now
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About the Instructor

Sera Melini, Cal Poly Extended Ed Instructor

Sera has been a lifetime student and accomplished teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda. She has been blessed with teachers who have searched classically for the patterns of the Universe and Spirit. Her studies and experiences in the realms of Yoga, Mantra, and Ayurveda all serve to assist in increasing her depth, sensitivity, and simplicity in ways she lives and practices. Her primary source training has allowed her to be a dynamic teacher and facilitator of the modern age. She is fluent in human physical and psychological mechanics and thus can adjust sequences, lectures, and treatment plans rapidly to accommodate to individuals' present needs.

Some of her teachers include, Andrey Lappa of Universal Yoga, Kula Yoga Project, Sankalpah College of Yoga (Yoga), Sadhvi Abha Saraswatiji and Raghunath Cappo (Mantra), Dr. Vasant Lad, Vaidya Ravi of Poonthottam Ayurvedasram, the California College of Ayurveda, Dr. Claudia Welsh, Dr. Cate Stillman (Ayurveda). Her teachers of touch include those at Sunshine School (Chiang Mai, Thailand) and Ohm (Omsala Chiang Mai, Thailand) for the wisdom of Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang. Each of her teachers has forever moved her to teach from a heartfelt space of humble knowledge, respect, and intuition - qualities ever present in yoga and its teachings.

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