Online Courses

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Course Title Start Date Course Number CEUS
Child Abuse: Working with Abused & Neglected Children Enroll Anytime DEV3 E822 3
Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services Enroll Anytime DEV10 E836 3
Early Childhood: Observation and Assessment Enroll Anytime DEV10 E837 4
Early Childhood: Program Planning Enroll Anytime DEV10 E838 4
Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical Development Enroll Anytime DEV10 E839 4
Infant & Toddler Mental Health: Issues and Information for Educators Enroll Anytime DEV3 E815 3
Traumatized Child: The Effects of Stress, Trauma & Violence on Student Learning Enroll Anytime DEV3 E813 3