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California, the birthplace of the American craft brewing movement, has nearly 700 craft breweries in operation across the state. Craft brew sales have steadily risen the last five years and show no sign of slowing. Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or a daring novice looking to push your beer boundaries, Cal Poly offers you an array of courses to tap into the popular world of craft beer to see why it’s here to stay.

Craft Beer Appreciation

Can you tell the difference between a pilsner and a lager? How about a pale ale and a Belgian ale? Do you know what characteristics distinguish a wild from a sour? Take your taste buds on a frothy ride as we sample a variety of craft brews and styles from around the country, while also examining the science behind the brewing process that gives the beers such distinctively different complex flavors.

Course Title Instructor(s) Location Start Date Course Number Enroll Online
Craft Beer Appreciation Robert Emery
Ken Smith
Sam Tierney
TBD NCR 9686 Please check back for new class info

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flight of beer glasses

Science of Brewing

Learn the fundamentals of brewing science and technology through lectures by an industry expert. The course will cover topics such as the history of brewing, hop chemistry, the biology of yeast, fermentation kinetics, and brewery quality control to provide a solid understanding of how successful brewing is done.

Information and Registration

Course Title Instructor(s) Location Start Date Course Number Enroll Online
Science of Brewing Luis Castro Lizano Building 3
Room 113
2/25/17 NCR 9692 Click here to enroll

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beer being poured into glass

Introduction to Home Brewing

Upon successfully completing the Science of Brewing course, students will learn the basics of home brewing through a hands-on approach at a brewing facility. Students will brew and bottle their own small batch beer under the instruction of an industry expert.

Prerequisite: Science of Brewing

Information and Registration

Fee Location Date Class Time Course Number Online Enrollment

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beer glass and main ingredients of beer

Advanced Practical Brewing

Learn advanced skills to take your home brewing hobby to the next level!

Prerequisite: Introduction to Home Brewing

Date: TBD

large industrial brewing equipment

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